Through collaboration with the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), IEEE Digital Reality hopes to build and mature global standards related to digital reality, AR, VR, human augmentation, and related areas. Due to the wide range of technologies and applications encompassed by this initiative, we plan to take a comprehensive, holistic view of this emerging area as we shape the foundation of our research.

IEEE Standards Association is a leading organization in the arena of standards development. Efforts to create, promote, and identify new opportunities in digital reality standards are currently under way.

IEEE-SA Augmented Reality Innovate SpaceIEEE-SA Augmented Reality Innovate Space

Augmented Reality (AR) is the perception of digital information-usually visual perception-synchronized with objects and places in the physical world around the user. This IEEE-SA Innovations Space provides a concise reference point for all things in SA related to AR.

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Recent standards activities include:

Pre-Standardization Efforts

Active Projects:

Active Working Groups:

  • AR-LEM - Augmented Reality Learning Experience Model
  • VRAR - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Working Group
    • Call for Participation: IEEE VR/AR Working Group is developing 12 standards for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Having attracted participants from more than 200 companies and institutions worldwide, the working group now is one of the largest forces dedicated to VR/AR standardization. The working group participants already include device manufacturers, content providers, service providers, technology developers, government agencies and other parties relevant to VR/AR, constituting an excellent mixture for the standards to be widely adopted.

      Technology is evolving very fast, especially in VR/AR. Our current being-developed standards only cover a small piece of the VR/AR landscape. We are actively collecting and identifying standardization needs. Some of them could become new projects in the coming months. We welcome interested stakeholders to join our efforts. We seek to provide unique value in the area of VR/AR, based on our depth and breadth of technical expertise. We also are interested in collaborating with other organizations.

      To join the working group, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.


IEEE-SA Augmented Reality Virtual Events

Augmented Reality in Your FutureAugmented Reality in Your Future
IEEE Standards Association

This virtual event series features monthly presentations followed by a moderated expert panel discussion. By combining these two formats, IEEE-SA provides value to both those who are new to AR and those who are familiar with the technologies and their uses and who will benefit from hearing a panel of experts share insights into large opportunities and obstacles.

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