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IEEE Digital Reality at AWE USA 2018

Immersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical ImpactsImmersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical Impacts
IEEE Digital Reality & IEEE-SA Panel Session at AWE 2018

In this panel session at the 9th Augmented World Expo (AWE USA 2018), 30 May - 1 June 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, subject matter experts from a diverse range of areas commented on current and past "reality" implementations, experiences, implications to humans, and shared an outlook on the future. Topics were not limited to the technical aspects, but also the social, ethical, legal, and policy impacts as well.

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Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) Call for Papers

Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS)Special Issue on Tactile Internet: Technologies, Test Platforms, Trials, and Applications

With 5G wireless networks, users can experience hologram contents or 3D high quality multimedia services based on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies. Elsevier invites research papers to share latest research insights and present emerging results on the Tactile Internet and/or URLLC. Paper submissions due 31 July 2018.

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The Augmented World Expo: Go XR or Become Extinct
I-Connect007 - June 2018

Read about highlights from AWE USA 2018, including IEEE's involvement in the future of XR.

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Mixed Reality and the Next Generation of Communications
IEEE Transmitter - May 2018

"Mixed reality represents the blending of the real world and the virtual world, creating immersive experiences where 3D digital images can be represented alongside physical objects. Unlike virtual reality, mixed reality provides overlays on what you’re seeing, rather than a full simulation. These overlays can be useful on a number of fronts, and can be customized to your location and interests. You’ll be able to utilize that information in a number of ways, both at work and in your free time – we’ll explore two of them here."

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Does Full-Time ‘Extended Reality’ Suggest an Architecture for Confirmation Bias?
VR 360 - May 2018

"Extended-reality (XR) technologies suggest a future of cinema-calibre, interactive content that enhances our physical environment in inspirational and useful ways. The positive potential of XR is vast, and many applications are clearly beneficial, especially in vertical markets."

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XR Beyond the Verticals
Augmented World Expo - May 2018

Learn about XR in this blog by Jay Iorio, Director of Innovation for IEEE-SA and co-chair of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Mixed Reality Committee. Don't miss our special panel session at AWE, 30 May 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

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