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Learning in Virtual Spaces

"ViLeArn allows students to dive into fully equipped virtual teaching environments with flexible layouts, which give ample room for various teaching scenarios, to try out novel teaching approaches together. Experience Virtual Reality (VR) together: This is called 'social VR'."

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Facebook Closer to Augmented Reality Glasses With Brain Implant That Decodes Dialogue From Neural Activity

Mark Chevillet, Research Director for Facebook, has been working for over two years to prove "whether it was feasible to build a non-invasive technology able to read out 100 words per minute from brain activity...The company’s ultimate goal to develop augmented reality (AR) glasses that can be controlled without having to speak aloud."

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Technology Spotlight


Digital Twin Computer Models Developed to Help Patients Fight Diseases

Medications and medical treatments can affect everyone differently. Oftentimes a persons genetic makeup has a significant impact on whether or not a particular medication will have the desired results. With the use of digital twins, technologists can test medications before actually administering them.

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