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IEEE Live from CES 2019

IEEE: Live from CES 2019

What's new at CES this year? Check out IEEE's exclusive coverage of the event in our live blog, featuring the latest innovations being showcased on the trade show floor. This year, a special track on Immersive Entertainment includes exciting new developments in augmented and virtual reality.

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IEEE Talks Digital Reality: Q and A with Raj Tiwari

IEEE Talks Digital Reality: Q&A with Raj Tiwari

In our first IEEE Talks Digital Reality Q&A session, we spoke with Raj Tiwari, lead co-chair of the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative. Raj provided his insights on Extended Reality (XR) and its potential for changing how we live, work, learn and share, providing information on use cases for the technology and highlighting its importance for both enterprises and individuals as we move into a new transformational era.

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How Will the U.S. Military Use the HoloLens on the Front Line?

How Will the U.S. Military Use the HoloLens on the Front Line?

In the U.S. Military, Microsoft HoloLens has been used for training and as an aide for field technicians servicing equipment, but adapting the mixed reality technology for front-line use will pose a number of challenges.

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