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Creating New Realities: Convergence of XR and Robotic Technologies
Discover a new type of Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Society (CPSeS) system that implements the idea of ‘technological fusion’ by bringing together Mixed Realities, Robots, and Social Networking to provide engaging and interactive new “realities.
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2020 IEEE Technical Meeting on Reliable, Safe, Secure, and Time-Deterministic Intelligent Systems
This meeting will be a unique opportunity to interact with technology leaders from around the globe, help to identify key challenges in this area, and better position IEEE to address those challenges.
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Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences
This talk focuses on systems that aim (or could be used) to bridge the gap between physical and digital arenas, using digital data associated with physically situated objects, and transforming and visualizing this data in relation to a given context.
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Digital Twins
This webinar starts with an introduction to Digital Twins, how the concept has evolved in the last 15 years, and how they are now applied in manufacturing, their current market value, and the main players in this area. Then, the talk shifts to how they are becoming an important tool in areas as diverse as Healthcare, Finance, Education, etc.
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Personal Digital Twins (PDT's) and their role in Epidemics Control
In this webinar we address PDT's and their potential usefulness in the context of epidemics alert, monitoring, and containment.
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Feature Article


This Wearable Monitors the Well-Being of Senior Citizens Who Self-Isolate During the Pandemic

Developed by a Portuguese research team, the device sends an alert if it senses trouble. Because senior citizens are at a higher risk of suffering serious complications from COVID-19, medical officials have cautioned them to stay at home.

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Social Distancing: Here’s an App for That

One of the safety measures recommended since the beginning of the pandemic is for people to maintain a distance of at least six feet (1.5 meters) from each other. But many of us can’t eyeball the distance on our own. To help, IEEE Graduate Student Member Trushal Sardhara and other students from various universities in India have developed the mobile app Coready!

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Technology Spotlight

health app

Brainworks launches Medio Smart Health heartbeat-monitoring app with COVID-19 questionnaire

Brainworks has launched its Medio Smart Health web application that tracks your heart rate using a camera and can help screen for COVID-19 symptoms. The free web app uses AI-enhanced, non-contact measurement of your vital signs to help automate digital health care, said CEO Phillip Alvelda in an interview with VentureBeat.

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