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AI Will Tell Future Medics Who Lives and Dies on the Battlefield

"In the warzones of the future, medics touching down amid heavy battlefield casualties will know who to treat first, how to approach every injury, and even who is most likely to live or die — all before looking at a single wounded soldier. That’s the vision of Col. (and Dr.) Jerome Buller, who leads the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research."

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A Machine Learning Classifier Can Spot Serial Hijackers Before They Strike

Serial hijackers routinely steal IP addresses to pilfer data and launch attacks. Extra-trees classifiers could sniff out these hackers sooner

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Human with Digital Writing

Transhumanism: Where Physical and Digital Worlds Meld

"In the “Augmented Machines and Augmented Humans Converging on Transhumanism” white paper, IEEE Senior Member Roberto Saracco describes how the transition is taking place through increased intelligence of machines, improved communications methods, and technologies that are being used to augment humans."

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