Conferences and Events


IEEE Digital Reality highlights numerous conferences and events globally that touch on many of its topic areas. Specifically, there are several that are either originated by Digital Reality or contributors. 

 • IEEE Broadcast Technology Society   • IEEE Reliability Society
 • IEEE Computer Society  • IEEE Standards Association
 • IEEE Consumer Technology Society  • IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
 • IEEE Electron Devices Society  • IEEE-USA
 • IEEE ICICLE  • IEEE Educational Activities
 • IEEE Industrial Electronics Society  

Upcoming Conferences

44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2022) 22-27 May 2022 Hybrid/Pittsburgh, PA, US
2022 IEEE International Conference on Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems (EAIS) 25-27 May 2022 Larnaca, Cyprus
2022 IEEE 13th International Conference on Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies (ICMIMT) 25-27 May 2022 Cape Town, South Africa
2022 the 8th International Conference on Virtual Reality 26-28 May 2022 Nanjing, China
2022 3rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV) 5-9 June 2022 Aachen, Germany
2022 IEEE World AI IoT Congress (AIIoT) 6-10 June 2022 Online/Virtual
2022 IEEE 4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS) 13-15 June 2022 Incheon, South Korea
The IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications (CIVEMSA 2022) 15-17 June 2022 Chemnitz, Germany
2022 IEEE International Conference on Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, and Communications Technology (IAICT) 28-30 July 2022 Bali, Indonesia
Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES 2022) 18-20 Oct. 2022 San Diego, CA, USA
IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things 1-11 Nov. 2022 Hybrid, Yokohama, Japan

 For previous conferences, please see Past Events.


Other Promoted Webinars, Events, Workshops, etc.  

lEEE Standards Association Presents: Electromagnetic Compatibility Webinar Series426 22sapromo webseries

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMCs) and IEEE Standards Association are hosting a series of webinars to create awareness of some of the trending topics related to reducing electromagnetic interference in areas such as automotive technologies, consumer electronics, wireless communications, and 5G. Registering for the webinar series gives you access to previous and upcoming webinars.

With Electric Vehicles (EV) becoming more common, the electromagnetic noise they generate is an issue that more designers must face. Karen Burnham, Principal Scientist at Electro Magnetic Applications, brings lessons learned from years of troubleshooting electric vehicles, both hybrid and plug-in, to discuss some of the most important EV noise factors.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Webinar Series will include the following topic areas:

  • Noise Sources in EV – 19 May 2022
  • ADAS EMS Testing – July 2022
  • EMI of an Inverter-Driven Power Train – Sept. 2022
  • Panel of all the above – Nov. 2022

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IEEE Standards Association Presents: Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1) 2022sa webseries timesensitive networking

IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an enabler of Industry 4.0, i.e., smart factory of cyber physical systems. TSN is the foundation to provide connectivity and real-time quality of service to time and mission critical industrial applications on converged networks of operations technology and information technology and converging multiple independent applications in one network enabling real-time communication on the same infrastructure (cables, bridges). TSN meets these requirements by providing interoperability via open standards. TSN provides synchronization and supports
real-time communication for, e.g., closed-loop control over a single standard Ethernet network.

The Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series will include the following topic areas:

  • Audio Video Bridging – IEEE Std 802.1BA • Craig Gunther/Don Parnellon – 9 June 2022
  • Fronthaul – IEEE 802.1CM • Jessy Rouyer/Janos – 8 Sept.2022
  • Industrial Automation – IEC/IEEE 60802 – Ludwig Winkel – October 2022
  • Automotive Ethernet – IEEE P802.1DG and Aerospace Ethernet – IEEE P802.1DP / SAE AS6675 – November 2022

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Safety First for Autonomous Vehicles: Where Do We Stand? What is Missing? • 28 April 2022 32822 DRSAcollab

There is a broad consensus among leading experts and decision-makers in the automotive domain that standards are needed, not only to build trust but to validate that autonomous vehicles are safe. Existing standards like ISO 26262 have to be evolved and complemented by new standards. This webinar covered some of the key standardization efforts to address industrial safety challenges to help L4 cars become a reality on public roads for all of us. Traditionally the human driver is fully responsible for situational awareness in all driving scenarios. Functional Safety is concerned with mitigating risk due to system failure only.

With the advent of assisted and automated driving a lot more computerized intelligence is needed for automobiles to safely maneuver in all environments under all conditions.

Key industry leaders from Europe, the United States, and Asia shared their views and participated in a live Q&A with attendees.

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