Symbiotic Autonomous Systems: When Will I "Friend" My Phone?


Tom CoughlinPresenter: Tom Coughlin
Coughlin Associates, Inc.
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society


Things are getting smarter. New technologies are creating intelligence and connectivity in almost everything, and we are creating more and more things that are essentially digital objects. These digital objects are not just hardware. In many cases, their value and functionality is increasingly governed by software -- whether it's embedded firmware, the operating system, or actual apps. However, if everything essentially becomes a digital object, there are many legal implications that come into the picture. Who owns your things in the future? What are some of the legal issues that we need to sort out in order to maintain the things that we value? Are digital devices and AI our friends or competitors? In this IEEE Symbiotic Autonomous Systems webinar, Tom Coughlin looks at the broader sense of what's going in consumer electronics to address these questions.


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