IEEE Talks Digital Reality

Our new Q&A series features exclusive interviews with the Digital Reality experts. Topics covered include future reality technologies, immersive and 360-degree media, related applications, societal impacts, current trends, challenges, and more. IEEE Talks Digital Reality is your resource for learning about reality technologies from the top subject matter experts.


Raj Tiwari

Raj Tiwari is Lead Co-chair of the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative. In this interview, Raj provides his insights on Extended Reality (XR) and its potential for changing how we live, work, learn and share, providing information on use cases for the technology and highlighting its importance for both enterprises and individuals as we move into a new transformational era. An organizing committee member for IEEE’s Technology Time Machine 2018 (TTM 2018) symposium, Raj will be speaking and moderating November 1st on the Mixed Reality Panel, speaking on the Distinguished Experts Panel, and launching the World’s first and unique Extended Reality (XR) certification for professionals at the upcoming IEEE Technology Time Machine symposium in San Diego, California, presenting his views as a futurist and recognized digital transformation leader.

Q: How is the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative working to advance XR?