Digital Transformation White Paper


Digital TransformationDigital Transformation
IEEE Digital Reality - March 2019

By Roberto Saracco, Co-chair, IEEE Digital Reality Initiative

The Digital Transformation everyone is talking about today is fueled by advances in technology, mostly transducers, i.e., sensors and actuators, and semantics extraction tools, i.e., artificial intelligence supporting data analytics. The reason why industries and institutions alike are interested in the Digital Transformation, however, is based on economics. The Digital Transformation is shifting the economy of atoms to the economy of bits. The economy of atoms is an economy of scarcity: atoms are limited; if you give an atom away you no longer have it. On the contrary, the economy of bits is an economy of abundance; if you give bits away you still have them (a copy actually, but in the world of bits copies are indistinguishable from the original). This whitepaper addresses the changes expected due to the Digital Transformation on society, technology, and the economy, and studies its impact on multiple verticals, including Smart Cities, car sharing, and the camera/photography industry.

Access the white paper (PDF, 2 MB)