Immersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical ImpactsImmersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical Impacts
IEEE Digital Reality & IEEE-SA Panel Session at AWE 2018

In this panel session at the 9th Augmented World Expo (AWE USA 2018), 30 May - 1 June 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, subject matter experts from a diverse range of areas commented on current and past "reality" implementations, experiences, implications to humans, and shared an outlook on the future. Topics were not limited to the technical aspects, but also the social, ethical, legal, and policy impacts as well.

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Mixed Reality - The Future of Our WorldMixed Reality - The Future of Our World
IEEE Future Directions

IEEE has produced and released a mixed reality video, where the physical and digital blend together seamlessly and ubiquitously.

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Dr. Yu Yuan discusses the rapidly growing virtual reality and wearable markets. More and more brands are integrating these technologies and the results are truly impressive

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IEEE-SA Augmented Reality Virtual Events

Augmented Reality in Your FutureAugmented Reality in Your Future
IEEE Standards Association

This virtual event series features monthly presentations followed by a moderated expert panel discussion. By combining these two formats, IEEE-SA provides value to both those who are new to AR and those who are familiar with the technologies and their uses and who will benefit from hearing a panel of experts share insights into large opportunities and obstacles.

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