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WebinarsThe IEEE Digital Reality Webinar Series explores the latest innovations and challenges in the realm of digital realities. Hear from leading technologists about AR/VR/MR, human augmentation, immersive and related technologies, how they are affecting industries today, and how they will impact our future tomorrow. Check out our current webinars, and start learning now.

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IEEE TTM 2018: Mixed Reality Panel - Part 1IEEE TTM 2018: Mixed Reality Panel

IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM) 2018 hosted a special panel on Mixed Reality, featuring top thought leaders and specialists in the fields of MR/AR/VR and related technologies. Access videos of the panel below:


Virtual and Mixed Reality at the Nexus of SciFi, Engineering, and TrainingVirtual and Mixed Reality at the Nexus of SciFi, Engineering, and Training
IEEE Transmitter

Video interview with the leaders of the MxR lab at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and the Tech and Narrative lab at Pardee RAND Graduate School

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IEEE Future RealmsIEEE Future Realms - VR Historical Archiving
IEEE Transmitter

Several technologies are emerging that can help capture and map details of important historical sites and monuments. The 3D archival data can then be used in VR renderings to study these sites as they were in the years before their destruction, allowing learning and research to continue long after the structures are gone.

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Preparing Surgeons with Virtual RealityPreparing Surgeons with Virtual Reality
IEEE Transmitter

IEEE member Anderson Maciel at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) is working on computer-simulated surgery in virtual reality.

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Advanced Broadcast Technology - Augmented World Expo (AWE 2018)Advanced Broadcast Technology: AR, VR, & XR Technologies and Development
Advanced Broadcast Technology

Advanced Broadcast Technology shows highlights of new technology in AR, VR, and MR at the 2018 Augmented World Expo. The episode features a short overview of the IEEE Digital Reality Initiative. The show also includes technology demonstrations from Animaker, Byond, Epson, Holosuit, Microsoft, NuHeara, Third Eye Gen, and Varjo. The 2018 AWE event was held in Santa Clara, CA.

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Immersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical ImpactsImmersive Experiences, Applications, and Non-Technical Impacts
Augmented World Expo 2018

In this panel session at the 9th Augmented World Expo (AWE USA 2018), 30 May - 1 June 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, subject matter experts from a diverse range of areas commented on current and past "reality" implementations, experiences, implications to humans, and shared an outlook on the future. Topics were not limited to the technical aspects, but also the social, ethical, legal, and policy impacts as well.

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Mixed Reality - The Future of Our WorldMixed Reality - The Future of Our World
IEEE Future Directions

IEEE has produced and released a mixed reality video, where the physical and digital blend together seamlessly and ubiquitously.

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IEEE Entrepreneurship at CollisionConf - NeuroTrainerIEEE Entrepreneurship @ #CollisionConf: NeuroTrainer
IEEE Entrepreneurship

At Collision 2017, IEEE Entrepreneurship speaks to Jeff Nyquist, the CEO and Founder of NeuroTrainer. He explains his VR technology and how it can contribute to the strengthening of neuroplasticity. Rooted in proven neuroscience, Neurotrainer designs, develops and implements technology solutions that help individuals and organizations understand and unlock the limitless potential of the human brain.

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Dr. Yu Yuan discusses the rapidly growing virtual reality and wearable markets. More and more brands are integrating these technologies and the results are truly impressive

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Georgia Tech Augmented Reality LabGeorgia Tech Augmented Reality Lab
The Institute

Research teams at the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, are not only creating the browser and architecture for augmented reality but also exploring the many potential users for the new medium. Headed by Professor Blair MacIntyre, this technology provides applications for marketing, 3D interactive games, and virtual information that can all be access through a smart phone.

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Seeking Delphi™ Podcast

Social Robotics and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems with Roberto Saracco - A Seeking Delphi™ Episode
Seeking Delphi™ - April 2018

How we use robots, how we communicate and interact–and ultimately control them–is critical. IEEE, ever in the forefront of maintaining standard practices and ethical approaches to technology, is directly in the fray on this one, with its Initiative on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems. Roberto Saracco, a noted computer scientist and educator from Turin, Italy, leads this episode.

Listen to the podcast at Seeking Delphi™

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