Complimentary for a Limited Time: Smart Technologies in Enhancing Browsing Experiences

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Information search is an activity that involves various techniques and methods for finding new insights. Physical and digital spaces as different contexts provide unique advantages for search activities: the physical environment provides spatial layout and interaction with tangible objects, while online information applications support browsing and knowledge discovery.

This talk focuses on systems that aim (or could be used) to bridge the gap between physical and digital arenas, using digital data associated with physically situated objects, and transforming and visualizing this data in relation to a given context. Using portable devices or digital realities headsets, applications generate the object-related data visualizations for further exploration. With such systems and its interplay between real and digital realms, new avenues could be opened for creating in-situ immersive visual experiences. 

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Featured Speaker: Zona Kostic

Program Director at APUS | Research Scientist at Harvard University

zonaZona Kostic is an experienced faculty with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Her professional interests are at the intersection of data visualization, machine learning, and digital realities, focusing on merging these domains into smart web-based applications. She wears a lot of hats across a few academic institutions.

Zona serves as a Research Scientist and Lecturer at Harvard University as well as a Computer Science Program Director at the American Public University System. Zona holds a Ph.D. in engineering systems and she conducted postdoc research in immersive visual analytics with the Harvard Visual Computing Group. Zona published six books, and a number of research works at scientific journals and conferences. As an innovation fellow at Harvard Business School, she co-founded ArchSpike, a startup that integrates data science and visualization with market modeling, allowing users to design buildings that better respond to future market demands. Her professional contributions were awarded the Distinction and Excellence in Teaching Award for the course on Advanced Methods in Data Science at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

IEEE Digital Reality Webinar Series

The IEEE Digital Reality Webinar Series explores the latest innovations and challenges in the realm of digital realities. Hear from leading technologists about AR/VR/MR, human augmentation, immersive and related technologies, how they are affecting industries today, and how they will impact our future tomorrow. Check out our current webinars, and start learning now.

Upcoming Webinars:
     • Intelligent Systems (Graphic Processors for XR and AI), Riccardo Mariani Nvidia
     • Epistemological and Societal Aspects, Derrick de Kerckhove
     • Cognitive Digital Twins and KaaS, Fabrizio Granelli
     • Digital Twins as Run-Time Predictive Models for Trustworthy Autonomy of Cyber-Physical Systems, Francesco Flammini, November 2020
     • Digital Reality Initiative Exchange (DRX), Nick Napp
     • Getting Closer to AGI, Stuart Dambrot 


Recorded Webinars

    • Personal Digital Twins and their role in Epidemics Control

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      Digital Twins are becoming the bridge, the orchestrators in between the cyber and the physical space and technologies like AR/VR/MR are at the same time the tools letting us enter the cyberspace and the manifestation of the cyberspace itself.

      This webinar will start with an introduction to Digital Twins, how the concept has evolved in the last 15 years, and how they are now applied in manufacturing, their current market value, and the main players in this area.

      Then, the talk will shift to the future, how Digital Twins are evolving right now, how they are becoming an important tool in areas as diverse as Healthcare, Finance, Education, etc. In this evolution, the Digital Reality Initiative is playing a significant role, and this webinar will address the current activities where all of you can be involved.

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      Personal Digital Twins and their role in Epidemics Control

      PDT Webinar

      Personal Digital Twins have been considered in a number of areas, from healthcare to knowledge management, and by several companies. In this webinar we will be addressing their potential usefulness in the context of epidemics alert, monitoring and containment. This presents a few technical issues and quite a few societal issues, including privacy and stigma.

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      digital twinsPt. 1: Digital Reality - Roberto Saracco - Industry Panel 2, IEEE Globecom, 2019

      Roberto Saracco, IEEE Future Directions, considers the ability to create a digital version of yourself in cyberspace and what the technological evolution will bring within the next ten years. Saracco envisions a unified and singular reality composed of both our cyber and physical realities.

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      touchIROS TV 2019- Pohang University of Science and Technology- Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory

      Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory at POSTECH in Korea, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, researchers study fundamental science, technologies, and applications related to haptics. Today, the group is focusing on developing good technologies that help people make haptic content more easily and quickly.

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      Mixed Reality - The Future of Our WorldMixed Reality - The Future of Our World
      IEEE Future Directions

      IEEE has produced and released a mixed reality video, where the physical and digital blend together seamlessly and ubiquitously.

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