2020 IEEE Technical Meeting on Reliable, Safe, Secure, and Time-Deterministic Intelligent Systems

30 September to 1 October 2020 | 9:30 - 11:30 AM ET

smart roadsIntelligent systems, capable of making autonomous decisions based on AI algorithms, are becoming more widespread in several application fields, such as smart factories, autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots, and many more. Human life will increasingly rely on these systems, mandating their reliable, safe, and secure operation and interoperability.

This meeting will be a unique opportunity to interact with technology leaders from around the globe, help to identify key challenges in this area, and better position IEEE to address those challenges.

Access the event program containing information regarding the speakers and schedule below:

• Event Program/Schedule (US/EasternTime)
• Event Program/Schedule (Italy)

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General Co-Chairs

  • Ricardo Mariani (NVIDIA)
  • Cecilia Metra (University of Bologna)

Financial Chair

  • Kathy Grise (IEEE Future Directions)

Registration Chair

  • Julie Bernicker (IEEE Future Directions)

Organizing Committee

  • Chair: Martin Omaña (University of Bologna)
  • Members:
    • Matteo Lenti (University of Bologna),
    • Francesco Lorenzelli (University of Bologna)
    • Annalisa Manfredi (University of Bologna)