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self-driving car

Self-Driving Cars Learn About Road Hazards Through Augmented Reality

Adding simulated vehicles to closed-course testing can train robocars to handle even the most unlikely scenarios. For decades, anyone who wanted to know whether a new car was safe to drive could simply put it through its paces, using tests established through trial and error.

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Why Digital Transformation is so Important

Digital transformation can impact every area of business. In the finance department, machine learning can automate manual processes like invoice tracking. For marketing folks, there’s no question that cloud computing will make an impact in how files are stored and accessed. Yet, for some companies, digital transformation becomes more of a concept and something to study and analyze, without becoming an actual part of business plans.

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AI Robot worker

AI and the Future of Work: What to Expect

MIT conference convenes AI and automation experts to consider the technology’s effects on jobs and industries. The robots have come for our jobs. This is the fear that artificial intelligence increasingly stokes with both the tech and policy elite and the public at large. But how worried should we really be?

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